Gestora Comercial Catalana S.L. is a family business with more than twenty-five years of experience in the sector of metallic waste recovery (ferrous and not ferrous) from the industrial dismantling and scrapping.

Our business is based upon the principle of a unique and essential goal: the quality of service.

We count with a professional team and partner companies with experience in the sector, where the businessman has a more personal and direct implication, committing ourselves when performing a task seriously and professionally.

From the beginnings we have acquired experience in the sectors of scrapping, industrial dismantling, valuation, transport, storage and transfer, being established in the market thanks to the insistence on continuously improving the service and the personal contact with customers.

Currently, Gestora Comercial Catalana S.L. sees his effort in improving their services day by day consolidated. Preserving the family character and offering a personal service, we have succeeded in establishing a bond of trust with each of our customers. Thanks to this, the adaptation to new technologies and the ongoing legal, labour and environmental advise, we have gained prestige in the market.

Gestora Comercial Catalana S.L. is the result of the efforts of two generations and now, we are obliged to follow the inherited entrepreneurial and innovative soul.

We are registered by the Agència Catalana de Residus as authorized carriers, code T-1055 and authorized waste managers, codes E-503.98 and E-1238.11.